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Water Tank Cleaning Service Dubai

Water Tank Cleaning is necessary to part of life. Do you know- “Water is Life “a single minute we could live on the earth without water. This water we are storing in the tank. So we should have make sure that our tank is secure to gram or virus. Are we using the virus free water? You don’t have to be a genius to understand. The importance of clean, safe water. Unlike many countries which have the benefit of water direct to tap. Dubai residents receive water through a tank and pump system. The disadvantage of using water tanks is. that debris and other contaminants can build up over time. This creates the perfect breeding environment for bacteria. Such as legionella as well as a variety of other water-borne diseases.

We have fully certified and Dubai Municipality. Accredited Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection Technicians. Allowing us to offer a new comprehensive tank cleaning service.

Why You Will Choose Us For Water Tank Clean Services?

  • We are Dubai & Sharjah Municipality Approved.

  • Expert technical providing with full trained of all instrument.

  • Provide you disinfection tank cleaning.

  • After cleaning we will provide you certificate.

How We Serve & Make To Tank Cleaning.

Tank Inspection: After preliminary inspection. Of the tank cleaning and implementation of all necessary. PRE cleaning measures and tool organization.

Pressure Water & use mechanical tools: Comprehensive removal of dirt using a powerful pressure washer with hand tools utilized for detail areas.

Use the Disinfection Chemical. Sanitation of the internal surface of the water tank. Cleaning using Dubai Municipality-approved chemicals. This eliminates all contaminants.

Removal of contaminates using a submersible Pump. Extensive rinsing. Collection and draining of dirty water with a submersible pump.

Review & share the Service with Customer. A visual review of the services provided. With before/after pictures of the tank cleaning shared with the customer.